Top 10 Best Asian Cosplayers in the World

Humans are surrounded by various interesting, exciting and admiring activities. Hence, it won’t be wrong to express that we often perform some wild acts that are liked and admired by the audiences that make us overnight stars. If you are aware of the trending aspects of social media then you must have insights about the life of cosplayers worldwide. This type of profession or activity doesn’t come under some of the weird stuff people perform. But cosplay characters are the modern role-play factors that are changing the dynamics of fashion and modelling worldwide. In this article, we covers Top 10 Best Asian Cosplayers in the World.

If we recall our childhood then various moments will come into our minds when we used to shape ourselves into our favourite superheroes and movie characters. Similarly, we never used to miss any chance to wear lookalike superhero costumes or pure leather jacket of movie stars to match them. Cosplayers do this in real life. Let’s learn more about them and find out the top cosplayers in Asia here.

Who Are Cosplayers?

Everyone knows about ramp models and promotional artists and who can forget our showbiz movie starters? However, there is an area in the world of fashion and glamorous ventures that still needs the perfect highlight for the masses. Even though this field of modelling is famous in Asian countries, there is still global recognition. Yes, we are talking about the character cosplay industry. Basically, it can’t be called an industry; however, the massive amount of cosplayers worldwide has made it an industry of unique artists.

Cosplayer artists are those who shape themselves into movie, television, anime and video game characters. The ultimate goal of cosplayers is to follow their passion for this unique fashion and entertain the audience. Cosplay artists are found to be movie, anime and video game buffs who know how to be the exact replica of their favourite or demanding character.

Why Are Cosplayers Famous Worldwide?

Cosplay characters are followed by different age groups of individuals as most of the audience is between eighteen to thirty-four years. There are quite debates that speak against the presence of the cosplay industry. Likewise, it is not good for youth due to adult photography and sexual appeals in the shape of movies, video games and anime characters. However, there are many signs that youth have appreciated this approach of art by the cosplay models.

Furthermore, the primary reason for this genre of modelling is the highlight of the nostalgia that some of the anime characters create for nineties kids. Likewise, who can forget our heroes from the Shenron saga and Cartoon Network’s prime-time shows? It is true that the majority of the fan following goes to female artists due to their attractive style that exaggerates the viewers. However, there is not any denying that every cosplay artist does their best to replica their selected characters to entertain followers.

How do Cosplayers Earn Money?

As per the evidence available on the internet, most of the earning of cosplay artists comes from social media accounts and selling merchandise. It is true that people love those who can change their look to other well-known fictional characters like professionals. Hence, that’s the reason they spend money to get the intended merchandise of their favourite cosplay models. Moreover, social media doesn’t need permission to viral people; therefore, all the available social platforms increase the chances for the artist to spread their reach, evaluate their followers and earn a great amount of revenue from video likes and shares.

Earnings don’t become a problem for cosplay models when they start earning a good number of online followers, as Instagram is the hub of all cosplay models worldwide. Online updation of cosplay characters’ pictures doesn’t depend on the experience because if a model goes viral then the chances for branded promotional characters surround the models automatically.

List of 10 Best Female Asian Cosplayers That You Must Follow

It is believed that female cosplay models do have crazy and strong following as compared to males. Moreover, this online result is appreciated by legendary cosplay artists who used to perform at New Year’s parties and late-night events. Similarly, the display of female characters on every top ten listing is common and the majority of the viewers want it. So, due to these reasons let’s find out the top ten Asian female cosplay models here:

Ely Cosplay

Let’s start our list with Ely who is famous for her own strong style. With her fashion attire and anime characters’ real-life personalities, she always finds the top place on every online listing. Don’t get to her 900k plus subscribers, as her cosplay pictures uploaded on Instagram and other social accounts earn millions of views every week. She is also active in sharing her real-life activities which makes her like another regular girl with big dreams in life. Visit her Instagram account shared below and learn more about her performed characters and personal life.

Instagram: eeelyeee

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia’s life looks like a real gamer. But her true passion is to convert her look into her weekly selected characters. According to her, it’s her screen presence and attractiveness that have grabbed more than two million followers on Instagram. Cosplayers don’t need an introduction in Asian countries and those who know about them will acknowledge the top brand: Alodia Gosiengfiao. As per her presence on the social media account her personal life looks private. But she never thinks about it and entertains her followers with great cosplay character images.

Instagram: Alodia Gosiengfiao

Amie Lynn

Cosplay modelling can be a passion for many. But there are many models who take this activity as a professional profession and Amie Lynn is one of those. The personal life of Amie is different from her cosplay career. It has been quite years since her trending looks related to cosplay games and Japanese animation. Currently, her Instagram account is filled with clicks about bikes as she loves to travel on her own motorbike.

Instagram: MissHabit


The list can’t be complete without the inclusion of Miyuki, as she finds her place among the top four. There are many cosplayers who live their lives like their obtained fictional characters and Miyuki is one of them. Moreover, her attractive hairstyle and stimulating clicks inspire others to join this business and upload photos of them shaping themselves into their favourite anime characters.

Instagram: Miyuki

Coser Pumpkin

Coser is the queen of anime female stylish characters as she always chooses the most highlighting and vintage characters. Her perfect body style has helped her to gain a crazy fan following in Asian countries. Recently, it was reported that her Instagram account has been deleted. However, her applied cosplay character looks are available on the search engine. As viewers always admire her work like how she becomes something else and the pure alternative version of herself.

Instagram: Coser Pumpkin

Ena Korin

Ena Korin is an artist that fits in every character. Ena’s skills in shaping herself in every animated character have helped her to earn more than two million followers on Instagram. She is quite active on social media and has played various cosplay characters in her career. In her modelling venture, she has also worn attire of famous videogame characters that shows her perfect dressing skill to the masses. Right now she is busy with her new project and regularly uploads pictures and reels of her daily activities on Instagram.

Instagram: enakorin


AniMIa is the name of a strong style as in just a short career she has proved she is the best in this profession. In Asia, there are various organisations that support this art of work and offer deals to young talent. Japan and China are the two biggest giants who back these artists to continue their passion and profession and bring their best work to the table. AniMia is an opportunistic girl and never misses any chance to impress her followers.

Instagram: AniMia 

Yaya Han

Yaya Han is the most famous and most experienced cosplay artist and it won’t be fair to not mention Yaya in this listing. As she is the one who started the trend of recreating Street Fighter female characters. Hence, through her social media posts and years of career in cosplay modelling her followers have always got some news from her. The forty-three years old is still in the business of modelling as she now represents various brands and earns a great amount of money compared to other new and freshie cosplay Instagram artists.

Instagram: Yaya Han


There are a few things that should be perfect if you want to be an ideal cosplayer and if you also want to follow this field then there is no one better than Ritheania who can motivate you to become one. After viewing her cosplay avatars you will have clear ideas of what we are talking about, as she has a perfect body, hairstyle and dreamy eyes to melt the hearts of the viewers. She is still active in this field and works professionally on every offered project to her.

Instagram:  Rithe

Alex Marie

Last but not least, who can forget a social media trending cosplay artist who is always ready to interact with her fans? Alex Marie is an American-based Asian cosplay artist who loves to travel and never misses any opportunity to share her life ventures with her fans. She also mentions that she is a party girl and that changing her looks is the only thing she can do with perfection.

Instagram: Alex Marie

5 Male Asian Cosplayers that Are Trending on Internet  

In the race to be at the top, our boys do also have an extensive fan following in the market and on social media. There are countless cosplay male artists around the world. However, there are few that are followed by millions. So, let’s discover the top five Asian male cosplayers who are at the top of the game and always bring something new to their fans. Following is the list of trending male cosplay artists.


Hakkencoser is the stylish boy in the world of cosplay artists. Many consider Hakkencoser the perfect cosplay artist who knows how to put on the clothes of his favourite anime characters. Hakken’s selected characters wear dark black colour, as per recent reports Hakken’s favourite colour is also black and is a crazy fan of Japanese anime.

Instagram: Hakkencoser

Yoshi Sudarso

Any Power Ranger fan here? Yoshi Surarso is a famous cosplay artist and noted actor who was part of the Power Ranger series that ended in 2016. The chosen characters of Yoshi are Japanese animated superhero as he knows how to act and upload short reels as well. The Instagram account of Yoshi is filled with numerous characters. However, he is quite famous for his participation in the Power Ranger series as Koda.

Instagram: Yoshi Sudarso


Jihatsu is not a pure Asian cosplayer but possesses all the instincts to be one. The popularity of his performed cosplay characters has forced us to mention him in top five. Jihatsu loves to adopt video games and animated characters and always shows the angry side of his selected fictional characters. Jihatsu’s social media accounts are filled with her characters that display his creative style of changing his looks.

Instagram: Jihatsu

Peter Adrian

Peter Adrian is a model and cosplay artist who always has fun with his gang which is filled with other creative artists. He knows how to be the perfect man for each picked character. That’s why it takes days for him to come as the best version of his selected characters. Peter Adrian is also a fitness freak and has appeared in Power Rangers.

Instagram: Peter Adrian


Liui is the real human replica of Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon animated movies. If you have watched this movie series then you can relate to this point that Liuoi tries his best to be the physical cosplayer of the movie character. Similarly, his other character makeovers are also worth appreciating.

Twitter: Liui


Cosplayers can be new for some of the audience. But they have been entertaining children and youth with great effects. We must appreciate their work skills and the passion they put into their looks. The liking of the cosplayers can be subjective as everyone has their own favourite. Otherwise, these were the trending cosplayers this year.

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