Fashion is Coming to Home by PureLeatherJacket

Being a leading leather jackets supplier, Pure Leather Jacket is recognized as being super supportive in providing efficient delivery to its customers. Our goal is to reach you instantly so that you can flaunt in your favorite leather jacket in any event. Reach your doors because our riders will be present there at any time – our super fast delivery is as quick as you’ve ever imagined. With our flawless services, we tend to give you what you expect from us. This is why we’ve introduced a delivery system where the orders are sent right to your doorstep in the specific timeframe. Meet our spectacular team who are ready to manage and organize the online orders efficiently so that the customers may experience terrific online shopping experience like never before. To make everything clear for you, we are here with our delivery standards, which you must read before placing an order:

  1. As your order is confirmed, you’ll receive a notification of the order being dispatched
  2. All the pre-designed orders will be shipped and delivered in 7 to 14 business days at minimum
  3. All the custom-designed orders will be shipped and delivered in more than 14 business days at minimum
  4. If due to any inconvenience your order is delayed from our end, our customer representative will notify you about the issue
  5. In order to avail the reliable and authentic delivery service, we would require your complete postal details so that the order can reach to you immediately
  6. Most importantly, there must be any other person available at your end who can sign the receiving in case of your availability
  7. If your order is returned to the delivery service provider, contact us to receive the parcel again

If you are still having confusions regarding our delivery process, contact us