Pure Leather Jacket has proposed its privacy policy as a commitment to provide authentic services that comply with the standard of the company. We have promised to give you satisfaction while we process your shopping at every stop and therefore, we also tend to satisfy the privacy as well no matter what. Our privacy policy clearly states the primary steps that are taken to collect your information and how we use it in our operations. Pure Leather Jacket also tend to build a fruitful relationship with the potential customers so that our bond may keep strengthening throughout the online shopping extends its worth in the industry.

Your personal information becomes vital only if the indigenous services require accessing the information for the specific subject. However, the customer’s general consent is required before sharing the personal details in the processing of various business operations. PureLeatherJacket is concerned in tracking down the personal details of the customer so that they may not find it an issue in using the information for other purposes. We have designed the policy under the international laws and regulations to provide best of the assistance throughout the shopping at our store. Under this policy, the information may contain your name, e-mail address, and other contact details.

Sharing Personal Information

Pure Leather Jacket keeps checking your web activity to track your actions against our services. Your personal information is recorded in our database to make you updated with our on-going promotions and other marketing facilities. We tend to make a smooth dealing with our customers by gathering the personal information, including your name and contact details. To maintain the quality across the company’s activities, this information becomes an essential part in granting us access to let you know whatever is within us. Pure Leather Jacket is keen to use supervised techniques in storing your details efficiently so that no other third party may gain access to use the information in another way.

Why we use your personal information

Under the certain circumstances, Pure Leather Jacket reserves the right to take your personal information for improving the various processes effectively. We mention here why your details are important for us:

  1. You provide us the personal information to keep a record of your shopping history so that we can provide more efficient services in future
  2. To improve our customer service, your personal information serves an important role to help the domain reaching its goals
  3. We tend to improve the user experience by monitoring your activities on the website
  4. The required information is used in sending the promotional offers to keep you updated with our policy and services